Position Name Email
Principal Mauricee Holmes Email
Assistant Principal James McGinnis Email

Office Support Staff

Position Name Email
Administrative Office Associate Tracy Brown Email
Account Technician Glenda Allen Email
Administrative Office Associate Dionne Greenhill Email
Office Associate III Larry Kennedy Email
Administrative Office Associate Joan Macklin Email
Office Associate III Emma Parker Email
Office Associate III Naturiel Syrkes Email
Administrative Office Associate (PLC) Veronica Waddey Email
Office Associate Willnett Williams Email

Performance Learning Center Staff - North Building

Position Name Email
Performance Learning Center Coordinator W. Hamner Email
Exceptional Education - PLC V. Quash Email
History Teacher- PLC J. Moore Email
Math Teacher - PLC T. Pollard Email
Science Teacher - PLC D. Gilchrist Email
English Teacher - PLC J. Howard Email

Student Services

Position Name Email
Careers Outreach Facilitator Charles Watson Email
Security Guard B. McKnight Email
Academic Support Specialist H. Ashby Email
Instructional Assistants C. Browne, L. Cunningham, G. Glasgow, E. Parham, A. Powell, L. Morton, S. Sturdivant-Fleming, R. Reese  
Guidance Counselor E. Carter-Dabney Email
Guidance Counselor H. Edwards Email
Academic Support Specialist H. Winfree Benson Email
Library Media Specialist J. Bailey Email

Business & Personal Services

Position Name Email
Barbering/Beauty Salon Assistant A. Woodson Email
Cosmetology D. Paige Email
Cosmetology M. Nichols Email
Cosmetology/Nail Technician/Beauty Salon Assistant S. Archer Email
Culinary Arts S. Mullen Email
Culinary Arts for Business L. Winston-Mayo Email
Medical Systems Administration/Design Mutimedia & Web Technologies A. Kelly-Hill Email
Health Careers/Career Investigations D. Wells Email
Entrepreneurship/Sports Business Management F. Lamont Gooding Email
Careers in Teaching C. Watson Email

Construction Services

Position Name Email
Horticultural Sciences/Greenhouse Management II H. Wheeler Email
Carpentry C. Coles Email
Entrepreneurship/Building Management M. Gresham Email
Electrical & Cabling J. Green Email
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning/Green Careers Investigations K. Heath Email
Masonry/Construction Careers C. Snead  

Medical Services

Position Name Email
Dental Assistant C. Barton Email
Emergency Medical Technician/Sports Medicine R. James Email
Health Careers D. Wells Email
Nursing Assist./Intro. To Health & Med. Sciences R. Williamson Email
Pharmacy Technician M. Farmer Email
Sports Medicine K. Randolph Email

Technology & Graphics

Position Name Email
CADD C. Abdel-Alim Email
Computer Systems Technology/Digital Electronics L. Raynes Email
Electronics Technology P. Young Email
Graphic Design K. Reitz Email
Digital Visualization /Robotics L. Watson Email
Physics of Technology J. Carson Email
Technology Foundations/Technology Transfer N. Watson Email
TV Production C. McHewitt Email

Transportation & Manufacturing

Position Name Email
Automotive Technology W. Milliron Email
Auto Body Technology D. McQuillen Email
Automotive Body Technology R. Rinaldi Email
Small Engine Technology R. Schowengerdt Email
Small Engine/Automotive Technology M. Edwards Email
Robotics/Precision Machining/Engineering Academy Preparatory W. Kelly Email
Welding D. Ekstrom Email