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At Open High School we have high expectations for student achievement in a nurturing environment. Students are connected to "family groups" to ensure that they are provided supports and social structure to navigate the Open High School experience. We facilitate student leadership through our government structure that emphasizes student decision-making.

In addition to academics, we are also concerned with helping students to grow as positive citizens of our community and world at large. Our vision as a school is to "develop positive and informed global citizens who are engaged participants, working to make the world a better place." We espouse our ideals in our OHS dispositions which are: PERSEVERANCE, INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY, INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, SELF-ADVOCACY, CREATIVITY, ORGANIZATION, SELF-REFLECTION, ARTICULATION, and RESPONSIBILITY.

We are proud of our diverse population of students. Students come from all areas of Richmond City; all RPS middle schools are represented and several private schools as well. Our ideal student is a young person who "buys-in" to the concept of school. They may not always get things right, but they try, they self-reflect, and they persevere. Our students understand the importance of giving back and show it through volunteer service. They actively participate in student life by "joining in" with family group activities, class discussions and student government. Many of our students find a passion that enables them to exceed their minimum volunteer service expectation by over 100%.


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