Talents Unlimited


Talents Unlimited is an instructional approach designed to help teachers recognize and nurture the multiple talents of all children. The Talents Unlimited model is based on the work of Calvin Taylor, his approach to the teaching-learning process is called the Multiple Talent approach. Dr. Taylor states that nearly all students are talented: that is, can be above average in at least one of the many important intellectual talents we can now measure. He suggests grouping of talents based on world-of-work needs. The Talents Unlimited model stresses six areas.

Productive Thinking to generate many, varied and unusual ideas solutions and add to them.

Communication to use and interpret both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to express ideas, feelings and needs.

Forecasting to make many a variety of predications about possible cause and effects.

Planning to design a means for implementing an idea by describing the tasks, identifying resources, outlining the sequence of steps and pinpointing possible problems.

Decision-Making to outline choices, weighs alternatives, make judgment and justify decisions.

Academics to develop a base of knowledge and/or skill

The Multiple Talent Approach can be applied to any academic area. It allows students to develop their talents while they are simultaneously growing in knowledge. Further, it enhances growth in both the cognitive and affective domains. Every student can become successful in at least one talent area. Nine out of ten children will be above average in at least one of the talents.