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The middle school curriculum represents a critical phase of transition in a child’s education. It solidifies what has been introduced at the elementary level and lays the groundwork for more advanced study at the high school and university levels.

For this reason, incoming students at Henderson Middle School will be introduced to deeper and more complex material than they have been exposed to previously. In their courses, students will be expected to excel in their homework, independent reading, reports, and research projects; furthermore, they should begin to show a capacity for critical thinking and analysis of their course material for tests and other assessments.

While middle school can seem overwhelming, keeping students motivated—instilling the belief that they can do well in school—is an essential element of our curriculum.To this goal, the faculty and staff of Henderson Middle School strive to encourage a positive progression of qualities in each student over the course of their middle school years. Among these are:

  • Enhanced interest in life-long learning
  • Increased personal pride in the quality of his/her work.
  • The development of a richer knowledge base on which to make informed decisions in both academic and non-academic contexts
  • Further development of the interests, talents, and abilities of each student, nurturing  a healthy sense of self-confidence

In addition to Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and other core subjects, Henderson students have the
opportunity to engage in a variety of elective classes, including:

  • Art
  • Band 
  • Technology
  • Health/PE
  • ESL
  • Dance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Inventions & Innovation
  • Art Studio

Our vision at Thomas H. Henderson Middle school is to invest in, engage and inspire our students, staff and community to achieve academic excellence through personal empowerment – now and in the future.