2016 Warrior Word Newsletter:  Warrior Word v. 3 Issue 1   




Thomas H. Henderson MS, under the direction of Tanya Shelton, participated in the Annual Art Carpet project on October 14, 2015.  Each grade level, 6th, 7th, and 8th, enjoyed a beautiful day outside while creating individual images for our version of an art carpet.  The students used their creativity "to demonstrate the way that art can function as a language that connects us across borders and through classrooms, homes, and business doors."

 Please enjoy some of the photographs taken from Thomas H. Henderson Middle School's Art Carpet 2015



Upcoming Events

Winter Wonderland Showcase

 Performances by: Henderson Chorus, Henderson Band, Next-Up Participants and Higher Achievement Scholars

Tuesday December 15,2016

Location: Cafeteria








Our vision at Thomas H. Henderson Middle school is to invest in, engage and inspire our students, staff and community to achieve academic excellence through personal empowerment – now and in the future.