Teachers by Department


Career and Technical Education Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mrs. Jacqueline Baker, Department Head Computer Information Systems (Dual Enrollment), Adv. Computer Information Systems (Dual Enrollment), Accounting, Web Design I, Web Design II and Exploring Computer Science Email
Ms. Catrina Cheek Intro. to Culinary Arts I, Nutrition and Wellness, and Family Relations Email
Mrs. Jeanne Davis Economics & Personal Finance and Principles of Business & Marketing Email
Mrs. Anita Harper Word Processing and Keyboarding Applications Email
Ms. Janice Ragan Parenting, Intro. to Fashion Design & Marketing Careers, and Fashion Design Careers I Email
Mr. Martin Williams Technology Foundations, Technology Transfer and Technical Drawing/Design Email
Ms. Violet Woodton Economics & Personal Finance, Keyboarding Applications, and Business Management/Business Law Email
 Mrs. Angela Brown Economics & Personal Finance and Keyboarding Applications *

English Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Ms. Ayanna Jones, Department Head  English 9, Freshmen Seminar Email
Ms. Lindsey Capraro  English 9, Theatre II, and Journalism Email
Mr. Joshua Gillespie English 11, Pre-Ap English 11, and AP Literature
Ms. Emily Johnson English 9 and  Pre-AP English 9 Email
Mrs. Ruth Mason English 11 Email
Mr. Charles Solomon
English 10, Pre-AP English 10,  and English 10H -  http://huguenotsimone.edublogs.org/
Mrs. Barbara Tyler
English 10 
Mrs. Judy Zimmerman
English 12 and Pre-AP  English 

Exceptional Education Department

Teacher/Position Classes
Ms. Alicia Gwathmey-Smith - Department Head Exceptional Education Email
Mr. Angel Baines Exceptional Education Email
Mr. Raymond Bowser Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Linda Brown-Nick Exceptional Education  Email
Mrs. Veronica Carter Exceptional Education  Email
Mr. Richard Farquharson Exceptional Education  Email
Mr. Darienn Gore Exceptional Education Email
Ms. Twanna Gray Exceptional Education  Email
Mr. Michael Griffin Exceptional Education  Email
Mrs. Freda Holloman Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Teisha Jackson Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Judy Lee-Tiller  Exceptional Education  Email
Mr. John Lovero Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Sandy Mitchell Exceptional Education Email
Ms. Sybil Pernell Exceptional Education - Instructional Resource  Email
Mrs. Maria Sarahan Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Darlene Slade Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Brenda Taylor Exceptional Education  Email
Ms. Claudette Williams Exceptional Education Email
Mrs. Janet Williams Exceptional Education  Email
Mrs. Pamela Young -- Compliance Coordinator Exceptional Education  Email

Fine Arts Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mrs. Fabiola Chesnut, Department Head Spanish Email
Ms. Glenna Baker Spanish Email
Mr. Johnathan Coward Band Email
Ms. Taquara Felix Spanish Email
Mr. Jonathan Houghton French Email
Mr. Gregory Scott Art Email
Mrs. Cassandra Walker Choral Music Email
Ms. Sharon Williams Sign Language *

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mrs. Ester Orellana, Department Head ESL Email
Ms. Lauren Cipollone ESL Email
Ms. Ana Gabriel De Guana ESL Email
Ms. Suany Herrera ESL *
Ms. Mary Smith ESL *
Mr. Justo Vasquez ESL Email

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Colonel (Ret) Oliver Norrell, Department Head 11 Military, 12 Military, Academy 9 Military Email
SGM Bernard Branch
9 Military, 10 Military, Academy 9 Military
SSG Teresa Rosier
 9 Military, 10 Military, Academy 9 Military Email

Mathematics Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mrs. Tara Brown, Department Head Geometry, Algebra Trig., and Computer Math Email
Mr. Wayne Booker  Algebra Trigonometry  Email
Mr. Russell Holmes, Jr. Algebra 1 and Foundations to Algebra Email
Mrs. Shirley Jones Algebra Functions & Data Analysis and Algebra I Part 1 Email
Mrs. Patricia Kent  Foundations to Algebra and Algebra I Email
Ms. Keyana Kersey Foundations to  Algebra and Algebra I Email
Ms. Amanda Smider Algebra I and Math Analysis Email
Mr. James Street Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, AP-Calculus, and Honors Math Analysis Email
Mr. James Westmoreland Algebra II, AP Statistics, Intro to Comp Programming, Robotics I and Robotics II Email

Physical Education Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mr. Leroy Jones Sr., Department Head Health and 10 Physical Education Email
Mr. Jerry Cooper Health and 10 Physical Education Email
Ms. Jocelyn Logan Health and 9 Physical Education Email
Mrs. Jannita Hughes Health and 9 Physical Education Email
Mr. Bryan Jennings Health and10 Physical Education Email
Mr. Burke Wills
Health and 9 Physical Education

Science Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mrs. Wanda Whitley-Hopson, Department Head Applied Physics, Physicis, and Chemistry Email
Mr. Burns, Scot Environmental Science Email
Ms. Shea Collins Human Anatomy Email
Mrs. Kathryn Curran-Boyd Ecology, and Earth Science Email
Mrs. Pamela Jennings Biology Email
Mr. James Key Chemistry and AP Chemistry Email
Ms. Barbara Nelson Environmental Science Email
Mr. George Powell Human Anatomy, Pre AP Biology, Biology, and JMU Biology Email
Mr. Jason Riley Biology, Human Anatomy, and VSU Biology Email
Dr. C. Klevickus, James Madison University Issues and Living Systems Email

Social Studies Department

Teacher/Position Classes Email
Mr. David Bingen, Department Head U.S./VA History and AP Government
Mrs. Sara Butcher U.S./VA History and Honors U.S./VA History Email
Mr. Logan Eiland Contempory Geography, H World Geography, and Freshman Seminar Email
Mr. David Hill 12 Government, 12H Government, and 20th Century History Email
Mrs. Carol Holmes World Geography, Honors World Geography, and Judicial Systems Email
Mr. Huso Hasanovic Contemporary Geography Email
Ms. Lauren Jeffress Sociology and 12 Government Email
Mr. Keith Lorenz World History II and Pre AP World History II Email