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Dear Chimborazo Families,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Lead Learner for the 2015-2016 school year. I have gained a sincere appreciation for this urban atmosphere and sense of pride that is the trademark of Chimborazo Elementary School and the community. As we embark on the end of the school year, and SOL test, I challenge every student this year to commit to finishing strong. That means not only doing your best on the SOL, PALS, or any other assessment, but also finish strong by demonstrating good behavior and leadership skills. Remember, we count on you to leave a positive legacy that will impact the generations to come. For the community and district, I challenge you to implement the P.I.E.S of learning which targets the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social restoration of public trust. Although, restoration is a challenge, it is also an opportunity for both the system and the community to become collaborative partners in order to educate and develop the whole child. In closing, I wish you a safe and restful summer. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your Lead Learner for the 2015-2016 school year.

Dr. Linda Martin Lead Learner

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