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It has truly been an honor to have served the students and families of Broad Rock Elementary School for the past sixteen years. It was a journey that started many years ago with a young girl’s dream to travel across the ocean to live in “The United States of America, the Land of Opportunity.” When my husband and I relocated to Virginia, I would never have imagined the wonderful opportunity that awaited me on the south-side of Richmond. It is my hope that I have made a positive difference in the lives of the many children who crossed my path. As I move into retirement, I will take the memories of the many families who supported me in my efforts to sustain the high level of excellence for which Broad Rock Elementary is touted.

I have always believed in public education and the power of positive thinking. As a classroom teacher I held strong to these principles and as a result my student performance levels were very high. I felt that I had been making tiny ripples in the seascape of success but this was just not enough. Becoming an administrator and accepting the position as principal of Broad Rock Elementary gave me an opportunity to create that tidal wave of success for an even greater number of students. The simple recipe for success at Broad Rock is that we hold strong in the belief that all students walking through our doors are entitled to a quality education. The slogan “Broad Rock Elementary, The Gateway to success” are words that have held strong for the past sixteen years of my tenure. It is my hope that long after I am gone that same spirit of success will continue to permeate every classroom and ever hallway of this organization. I am leaving behind a staff of committed individuals who share my vision for success. Please continue to support them as they continue to serve your children.

In closing, I want to again extend my sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve in a capacity for which I was born. I am a teacher always and forever. How wonderful for me that I was able to live out that dream in “the United States of America, the Land of Opportunity.” To all of my Broad Rock Families, God Speed.

Sincerely, Carmen Emanuel Rush

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