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Please remember!

Run times may vary significantly during the first weeks of school until all students have registered and adjustments are made due to construction, traffic and final student loads. 

Employment Opportunities For School Bus Operators

 The Department of Pupil Transportation is currently hiring School Bus Operators! If you or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a professional School Bus Operator please complete the following steps:


  1. Visit the Employment Opportunities webpage
  2. Scroll down to step 4 and click on the link that reads: “Start Online Application”
  3. Complete and submit the online application, Call 674-4356 once submitted.
  4. Once you have completed the online application or if you need additional assistance during the application process, please contact our Safety and Training office: Call 674-4356.
  5. MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER. No felonies; no child protective services cases; no DMV history of reckless driving or DUIs within the past 5 years, and no more than 2 moving violations within the past year.
  6. You must  have zero (o) or plus (+) points on your driving record.  

The Department of Transportation operates on the authority of Federal and State laws, as well as directives from the Virginia Board of Education and the Richmond School Board.

The primary mission of the Department of Pupil Transportation is to provide transportation to and from schools within the Richmond Public Schools' system.

The department also provides auxiliary transportation for students from schools to various other sites, including vocational and exceptional education centers, sports activities, and off campus field trips.

Two-thirds of the entire RPS population is transported daily on buses managed by the Department of Pupil Transportation.

For more information call our customer service line at 804-674-1234 or 674-4133