Contact the RPS Human Resources Team

Responsibility Areas

Position Name Email  Phone (804)
Receptionist Renalda McDonald-Reaux Email 780.7859
Executive Director of Human Resources
Responsible for all HR Activities. Contact for Directors, Assistant Directors, Principals and AP's, Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors, Chiefs, Communication Officers, Managers, Coordinators-Exempt, HR Investigator, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Therapists and Immigration Documentation.
Tamica Epps Email 780.7325
Executive Office Associate Timothy Williams Email 780.7864
Senior Coordinator of HR, Elementary Staffing
Coordinates hiring of teachers in all Elementary Schools
Valerie Dupree Email 780.7863
Human Resources Assistant - Mrs. Dupree Marie Holmes Email  780.7869
Coordinator of HR, Secondary Education
Coordinates hiring of teachers in all Middle & High Schools, Social Workers, (Richmond Alternative School, Math & Science Innovation Center, Richmond Technical Center, ESL-K-12, Virginia Treatment Center)
Rickie Garland Email 780.7744
Human Resources Assistant Effie White Email 780.7787
Coordinator of HR, Exceptional Education Staffing
Coordinates hiring of Exceptional Ed teachers for Elementary, Middle and High Schools.
Subrina Mayes  Email  780.7865 
Human Resources Assistant – Ms. Mayes Marie Holmes and Effie White Email 780.7869 / 7787
Coordinator of HR, Compensation & Public Relations
Coordinates hiring of all Head Start positions, Food Services, Security, Plant Services, Nurses, COE, Transportation, Instructional Assistants and Work Study Study/Interns
Regina Switzer-Ellis Email 780.7867
Human Resources Assistant - Mrs. Ellis
Bus Monitors, Cafeteria Monitors
Vacant Email 780.7861
Coordinator of HR, Administrative Services
Coordinates all hiring of Non-Exempt personnel (Office Associates, Administrative Office Associates), Exempt, Specialists/Non-Exempt, Technicians, Extended Day, Extracurricular Activities and Tutors
Alyson Davis Email  780.7007
Human Resources Assistant - Mrs. Davis Renalda McDonald-Reaux Email 780.7879


Position Name Email   Phone (804)
Senior Human Resources Associate
Applications for licensure, licensure renewals, endorsements, changes in pay due to additional degrees and hours
April Pleasants Email 780.7870

Employment Verification

Fax forms to: 780.7899


Position Name Email Phone (804)
Senior Human Resources Associate  Michelle Owens Email 780.5824

Employee Changes/ Pay Retirees

Position Name Email Phone (804)
Senior Human Resources Associate (Employees with SSN: 000-00-0000 to 227-80-0000) Letitia Lampley Email 780.7878
Senior Human Resources Associate
(Employees with SSN: 227-80-0001 to 999-99-9999)
Van Shelton Email 780.7877