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Superintendent Dr. Dana T. Bedden

2016 - 2017 Superintendent’s Back to School Message

Welcome to the 20162017 school year!

As we prepare to greet over 23,000 students on Tuesday, September 6, we do so with great enthusiasm and expectation. Each year holds the promise of greater opportunity and success for our students as we continue the important work of creating a climate of high expectations and achievement within our schools. We are honored to serve the youth and families of the City of Richmond and remain committed to providing our students the best possible educational experience.

Educating our students is a partnership. It is a collaborative effort of our parents, teachers and staff as well as our community and business partners. Within our classrooms future leaders are being developed to compete in a dynamic, global environment. We must continue to provide opportunities for our students to develop 21st century skills and support the development of their critical thinking skills. Our work continues to be focused on creating problem solvers, not test takers. While the individual progress of our students may be mired by personal or societal challenges, our focus remains on meeting them where they are and working to catapult them into futures filled with promise and boundless opportunity. We are grateful for the continued support of every stakeholder in helping to create a stronger, better school system. Every Richmond City resident has a stake in the success of our school district. Investment in our schools is greatly valued and, most assuredly, will return the highest dividend for our community.

This year, we also welcome over 150 new teachers. We are delighted to have these dedicated educators join the Richmond Public Schools family and look forward to sharing in many of their positive gains throughout the year. Our teachers are our most valuable resource. The work they do each day is helping to produce the backbone of America. Each day they serve on the front line and motivate students to look beyond their personal barriers to achieve greatness. Their positive leadership serves as a model to our students and advances our district’s commitment to excellence. Our teachers, principals and school staff are essential to our success as a district and deserve all of our appreciation. We will continue to support their professional success and strive to create an atmosphere conducive for optimal teaching and learning.

I encourage every stakeholder to stay engaged about what is happening in our district. We invite you to connect with us on our social media pages, website and mobile app for the latest news and information. Within the next few weeks, we will be revealing many new and exciting improvements. Perhaps one of the most notable changes will be a refreshed Richmond Public Schools brand, which will feature, among many things, a new logo and website. We are thrilled about this process as it provides a greater platform to share the story of Richmond Public Schools, the lesser known stories of resilience, pride and success. We will wear this brand as a badge of honor and encourage every stakeholder to join us in advancing this message.

On behalf of the Richmond City School Board, administration and staff of this district, we extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students and families. We look forward to working with every stakeholder to continue to inspire success for our students this school year and beyond their years here at Richmond Public Schools. Working together, we can and will achieve success for each and every student.

Dr. Dana T. Bedden